Gutters are used to collect and channel water from the roof away from the house. They are not installed as a design feature but as an essential component to the roof. Needless to say, they are integral to any home, office, or building. Some of the functions of gutters include.

  • Channel Liquids

When rain or snow falls, it accumulates on the roof. Without a gutter to collect the water and allow for its passage, it will just run down the roof’s slope unto your landscape and foundation.

  • Protects Your Foundation

Without a gutter to channel water to an area of your choosing, the water forms puddles around your building, slowly affecting the structural integrity of your foundation.

  • Protects Your Roof

After rain or snow falls, it may begin accumulating on the roof as there is no water collection mechanism and channeling. That can lead to roof erosion, damage your chimney and cause leaks to your ceiling. Having a gutter can help prevent water from accumulating on your roof with no place to go.

Gutters are made from different materials, have different styles, and come in different colors. The types of gutters available are:

  • K-Style Gutters

These are more aesthetically pleasing with a large capacity that drains water better than their half-style counterpart. A downside to it is that it can be harder to clean when compared with its counterparts.

  • Half-Style Gutters

Not as aesthetically pleasing as the K-styled gutter; it helps drains water but doesn’t help with debris and leaves, prompting the use of leaf guards. They are the cheapest gutter available.

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