Little needs to be said about why good hygiene is a necessity in daily life. Cleaning gutters is an often overlooked but important part of keeping your roof and house as a whole clean. All you need is a ladder and some cleaning tools; being nimble won’t be a miss too!

The key thing to note about cleaning gutters is it’s something you should do regularly. Don’t wait until your gutters are chockful with leaves and debris before you whip out your scraper and scoop. The tips below should help you in cleaning your gutters.


  • A Lot of Things Can Fill Up Your Gutter

Most people think leaves fill up their gutters more than anything else, and while there’s truth in that, it’s not exactly accurate. Twigs, dirt, and all manner of debris that run off your roof during rain get lodged in your gutters.

The leaves can come from trees that aren’t even growing in your house. If a neighbor’s tree is large and long enough, your gutters could be a dumping ground for the tree’s leaves, particularly during autumn.

A simple solution here is to wait until the trees are bare, and then you can clean your gutters.


  • Gloves Are Necessary

Try to wear gloves even if you deem them unnecessary. To clean your gutters, you’ll need to scoop out all the gunk.

Wear gloves to make sure you don’t suffer nicks, cuts, or perhaps a graver injury. Remember, the edges of a gutter are sharp, as are many of the things inside the gunk.

Put everything you’ve scooped out in a large bucket. You can either dispose it or, if you’re so inclined, use it as mulch.


  • The Power of a Hose

This is easily the most fun part of cleaning your gutters. Grab a hose and set it on to full blast! Use the hose to flush out any stubborn or lingering debris through the downspouts. Ensure there are no clogs and, most importantly, don’t use a rickety ladder for all this!


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