Where would we be without roofs over our heads (literally)? A roof adds more than just beauty to a house or structure. Remember,a roof’s prime purpose is to protect you and your home from snow, wind, rain, and heat. It’s there to help keep you safe and warm, so maintaining your roof is more than a necessity.

That’s the only way to protect against the elements, and that’s the main underlying reason for roof restoration. But what is roof restoration?

Think of roof restoration as a complete makeover for your roof; it’s not just repairing a particular section of your roof, rather it is considering the entire roof and upgrading it.

We highly recommend this because it’s cost-effective, and we daresay it’s an environmentally friendly alternative to replacing your roof.

  • What Do You Need for Roof Restoration?

First and foremost, you’ll need to conduct a thorough inspection of your roof, followed by an even more thorough cleaning. Next comes the real work: ridge capping and then applying protective coatings to keep the roof safe and clean.


  • Why Go for a Roof Restoration?

Oh, there are several excellent reasons why you should opt for a roof restoration. Poorlymaintained roofs will be at the brunt of harsh weather, falling branches, etc. And, of course, a damaged roof means a leaky roof, and that never bodes well for you and your house.

Roof restoration also means an improved energy efficiency for your home, longer roof life, and an increase in your house’s value too.


  • Does a Roof Restoration Last Long?

Well, the answer to this isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Yes, a roof restoration lasts, but not as long as a brand-new roof, of course. But it will last much longer than if you had allowed your roof to keep deteriorating. And several factors come into play here.

That is why many a customer chooses roof restoration over replacement. It also circumvents the need to pay for minor repairs constantly.


So, what do you think? Is roof restoration what your house needs right now? Call the professionals to handle it for you and give your roof new life and beauty!

Construction Unlimited, being a full-service and professional company, has restored roofs for countless homes in and around Rivervale, Western Australia, and we’re ready to do the same for you!

Click here to contact us to have your roof restored to its full glory. We promise you that you’ll love what you see when we’re through working on your roof!

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